New York City Pizza – Bringing the Taste of NY & Italy to South Carolina

When it comes to eating pizza, few cities are more celebrated for their restaurants, pizzerias, and other places to eat a warm slice than New York City. The Big Apple’s famous thin-crusted masterpiece, complete with a sweet and tangy tomato sauce, has been imitated the world over, but finding the true taste of New York has become difficult as soon as you leave the five boroughs. That can’t be said about Bluffton, however, as it happens to be home to one of the most sought-after NY-style pizzas anywhere in the country.

NYC Pizza in Bluffton

New York City Pizza has quickly become one of the best places to eat in town, offering a wide range of classic, housemade, Italian recipes alongside some contemporary dishes. South Carolina residents are able to experience the perfect slice of NY-style pizza at one of New York City Pizza’s five locations, found in Belfair Towne Village and Buckwalker Place in Bluffton, in Downtown Charleston, and on Hilton Head Island.

Where to Eat Pizza in Bluffton

NY-Style Pizza Comes to Bluffton

Naturally, the pizza is the best place to start, with a wide selection of classics, housemade specials, and a few tasty alternatives to try such as calzones and stromboli. As you can imagine, New York-style pizza is the standard, but the restaurant also offers alternatives, allowing customers to choose Sicilian or pan-style bases for their pizza. A particular crowd favorite with Bluffton locals is the NYCP Special, a loaded pie that comes covered in pepperoni, sausage, bell pepper, onion, and mushroom.

For every pizza lover among us – and in South Carolina, we love our pizza – there’s a family member, friend, or coworker who prefers something different for lunch or dinner. Thankfully, New York City Pizza makes for the ideal pizzeria for taking these customers into account, with something to find on the menu for everyone, regardless of any dietary requirements or food preferences they may have.
Pizza Delivery Bluffton New York Pizza

No Pizza? No Problem.

As well as the fantastic pizza options, NYCP Bluffton SC offers a comprehensive list of pasta, chicken dishes, and entreés. You will find all the old Italian favorites that have blessed the dining tables of Italian American families and restaurants for centuries now, such as spaghetti and meatballs, baked ziti, and chicken parmigiana, as well as

some modern classics that offer visitors new, exciting ingredients and flavor profiles, such as penne alla vodka, spaghetti and red clam sauce, and chicken marsala.

Real New York Pizza in Bluffton

The warm, welcoming owners and staff at NYCP have remembered that not everyone is a fan of Italian cuisine – even if it is their bread and butter – and there is something on the menu for everyone. Whether it’s the starters, soups, and salads, or the smash burgers, subs, and sides, the variety at NYCP is difficult to beat.

Restaurants in Bluffton

Deciding on how to round out your meal has never been a more difficult decision,
with NYCP’s pair of classic, mouth-watering, housemade dessert options. You can’t go wrong choosing between the light, buttery cheesecake, or the creamy and crunchy cannoli. Whichever you go for, you’re guaranteed to walk out happy, nicely satisfied by the delicious, light meal, and without feeling bloated.

Top Rated Restaurant in Bluffton

Location, Location, Location.

As regular readers will know, a lot more goes into a fantastic restaurant than simply having fantastic food. Make no mistake, New York City Pizza has fantastic food, but the restaurants themselves and the locations they find themselves in play a huge role in delivering the outstanding experience that NYCP offers Bluffton residents.

Deep Pan Pizza Bluffton

Regardless of which location you dine at – NYCP Buckwalter Place or NYCP Belfair Towne Village – you’re never too far from beautiful, scenic waters, ideal for an after-dinner stroll. Few family restaurants can offer such an idyllic setting for meals with families and friends, dates, or, indeed, events with larger groups.

The atmosphere created by the courteous waitstaff is matched by the interior of the restaurant. Nothing is over-the-top, but nothing is missing. Their recently renovated Belfair Towne Village location includes a large, pet-friendly outdoor dining area, ample parking space, and a special space for events. Add to this the child-friendly atmosphere and it becomes clear why the NYCP Belfair Towne Village restaurant is a huge hit for birthday parties, work events, and other get-togethers.

Not to be outdone by the Belfair Towne Village location, the NYCP Buckwalter Place pizzeria has space for 75 guests, a dedicated event space, and the same family-friendly atmosphere that diners have come to expect and enjoy at all of NYCP’s locations.

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A Slice of NYC, Right Here in Bluffton

Overall, NYCP ticks all the essential boxes of a stellar pizzeria. As far as pizzerias here in Bluffton go, it is hard to beat. It has all the keys to a successful pizza joint, but it goes so much further than that.

What sets this pizza restaurant apart is its commitment to 100% housemade recipes composed of 100% fresh, all-natural ingredients. The warm, familiar feeling we all know and love to get from pizza is there. The sweet sauce, the crispy crust, and the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth cheese can all be found.

NYCP goes beyond the expected and exceed expectation with some of the innovative flavors these chefs introduce to pizza lovers. You’ll find plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as creative toppings, and alternative crust options. The result is a pizza experience that can be as traditional, or as tailored to your tastes, desires, or sheer curiosity as you like.

This charming pizzeria will leave both the traditionalists and the more avant-garde pizza lovers alike satisfied and wanting more. If you love pizza, do yourself a favor, and get down to New York City Pizza at either of their Bluffton locations at Belfair Town Village and Buckwalter place.

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