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Bluffton, is a town rich in history, with many historic places that offer a glimpse into its past. One such place is the Heyward House, which was built in 1841 and is considered one of the finest examples of antebellum architecture in the state. Another historic site is the Church of the Cross, which was established in 1857 and is known for its stained glass windows and beautiful Gothic architecture. The Campbell Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church is another important historical landmark in Bluffton, as it served as a center of worship and community for African Americans in the area during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Additionally, the Bluffton Oyster Factory Park offers a unique look at the town’s history as a center of oyster production, with exhibits on the oyster industry and the role it played in the local economy. These and other historic places in Bluffton provide a fascinating window into the town’s rich cultural heritage and are well worth a visit for anyone interested in history.

Inside Historic Church of the Cross Bluffton

Walking Tour in Bluffton

Historic Bluffton Walking Tour

Historic Bluffton Walking Tour The Historic Bluffton Foundation has a new audio system, allowing for safe distancing and single-file travel with perfect audio device clarity. The tour winds through 1 mile of Historic Bluffton’s antebellum homes and two National Historic Registry Churches. The Historic Bluffton Foundation currently offers Walking Tours Monday-Friday, and they need 24-hours […]

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