What is Bluffton Buzzard Day?

Buzzard Day in Bluffton

Buzzard Day March 5th, 2023

Bluffton Buzzard Day celebrates the life of George Heyward, a former mayor of Bluffton who had a creative way of keeping the locals entertained. George Heyward was the mayor of Bluffton from 1982 till 1990. The story has it, George Heyward declared the buzzard the town bird in an effort to mess with local residents who were complaining about all of the buzzards surrounding the Bluffton Oyster Factory. They were complaining about the “mess” they were leaving after paying a visit to your dock or wetslip. For fun, Mayor Heyward dressed up as a buzzard for the annual Christmas Parade and rode on top of the city’s new firetruck declaring the buzzard as the town’s official bird! Needless to say, this had the locals entertained. 

This annual event is held at Martin Family Park and includes family-friendly activities such as face painting and live music.  

Long live the Bluffton buzzards!

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