Cahill’s Market and Chicken Kitchen

Cahill’s Market & Chicken Kitchen

Lovingly known as the “Chicken Kitchen”, Cahill’s Market and Kitchen is the epitome of southern hospitality. Located off Old May River Road, you’ll follow the old country dirt road up to this hidden gem and it’s almost like you’re heading to Grandma’s for a home-cooked meal! The Cahill siblings took a family farming business and turned it into their livelihood, bringing fresh home-grown ingredients from the farm straight to your table. 

Cahills Market Bluffton

Upon arrival, you’ll take a stroll through the country store where you can purchase fresh produce grown on-site or locally, or pick up plants and seeds at the nursery. When the smell of home-cooked southern meals summonses you through to the restaurant, you will find yourself in the rustic, barn-like, family-oriented atmosphere. Since everything is locally bought or grown on-site, the menu changes every day! If you are looking for a certain seasonal vegetable or dish, make sure you check out their menu posted online daily at  Cahills Market.

Fresh Food Bluffton

No matter what you can always count on Cahill’s fried chicken. This specialty is served every day along with several other meat choices and numerous fresh vegetables and side dishes which include: field peas and collards, okra and tomatoes, squash casserole, mac and cheese, red rice, various potato selections and too many other sides to mention. Arguably their most popular meal of the day is breakfast, where chicken and waffles is a staple, being voted Best of Bluffton. Whatever time of day you can get in, you will surely leave with a full belly and a smile on your face! 

Cahill's Market in Bluffton

While it may be next to impossible to save room for dessert given their healthy portions, you may want to grab the dessert to-go. A pear cobbler, where they grew the tree, picked and stewed the pears, and baked a delicious cobbler highlighting the beautiful, fresh produce. If you have some time after dinner, take a walk across the property to see the gardens, chicken coops, and produce growing areas.      

We made your favorite for dinner tonight, a reservation at Cahill’s Chicken Kitchen!

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