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If you’re looking to get away to Bluffton for a weekend, a week or a special date night, you’ll be happy to know that there are many local restaurants within walking distance of each other in Old Town Bluffton.


Events 2023

Explore our list of Events for today, tomorrow, and this weekend. There’s always something to do in Bluffton!


Hilton Head Island

Discover the sandy beaches of Hilton Head Island, beach house rentals, accommodations, restaurants, and shops.



Explore our list of Events for today, tomorrow, and this weekend. There’s always something to do in Bluffton!

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Visit Bluffton, South Carolina!

Explore the greatest hidden gem on the East Coast! Read our articles and listings to plan your next vacation to historic Bluffton, SC. Bluffton’s sun-drenched walkways, angel oaks, and slow-moving waterways are waiting on you. Discover what it’s like to Live Like A Rock Star in Bluffton.

From its birth in the late 1700s to one of the top tourist destinations in the US today, Bluffton hasn’t lost its identity. A beautiful coastal town with unspoiled marshes, stunning sunsets, and warm and friendly locals. Due to committed homeowners, local business owners, and elected officials, Bluffton is a place that many tourists now call home.


Ice Cream | Rita’s Bluffton

Ice Cream in Bluffton SC

Ice Cream Treat | Rita's of Bluffton There's nothing quite like a scoop of cold, creamy ice cream on a hot summer day in the South, and there’s nothing like enjoying ice cream in Bluffton while visiting one of the ...

World Book Day Fundraiser

Libraries for Kids Bluffton Event 2023

World Book Day Fundraiser When: April 22, 2023, 5-9PM Where: Martin Family Park Bluffton, SC DANCE to THE CHIGGERS DINE with CELEBRITIES DONATE to CHARITIES for CHILDREN! Libraries 4 Kids A World Book Day event ticket buys you a seat ...

Historic Bluffton Walking Tour

Walking Tour in Bluffton

Historic Bluffton Walking Tour The Historic Bluffton Foundation has a new audio system, allowing for safe distancing and single-file travel with perfect audio device clarity. The tour winds through 1 mile of Historic Bluffton's antebellum homes and two National Historic ...

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