Bluffton Mayfest 2022

Bluffton Mayfest May 7th, 2022

Also referred to as the Bluffton Village Festival, Mayfest is the top annual event in Bluffton, South Carolina. Why is this annual festival ranked as the best annual event in Bluffton? Because it’s the most rocking event in Bluffton! Starting back almost a thousand years ago (okay, 43 years ago) this annual event has grown to become the staple of the community for annual events. Orchestrated by The Rotary Club of Bluffton, this festival will feature tons of food vendors and artists. If you’re an artist or vendor and would like to participate, please Click Here for registration forms. Admission is free for all.

Annual Festival Bluffton

A majority of the events will be held at Martin Family Park, Dubois Park, the Heyward House, and Bridge Street.

Pie Contest Mayfest Bluffton

Let’s start with the competitions that are perennial favorites! Remember the days when you were a kid, and the idea of a pie-eating contest seemed like the most fabulous event on the earth? Well, get ready!. The Pie Eating Contest is at 11:30 am.

MayFest Dog Competition

Next up! The Ugly Dog Competition at 1:00 pm. Get your dog, and come on down! This festival is family-friendly and dog-friendly to boot! You’ll find plenty of water stations for your favorite family pet, and please make sure you bring all necessary items for cleaning up after your dog (it’s encouraged to bring your dog, but we don’t want the name of the festival to change to something that starts with poop). The competition is all about fun and games, and we consider all dogs that compete in this competition to be The Best Dogs in the World! We don’t think you’ll really find one ugly dog in Bluffton.

Ugly Dog Competition Bluffton

List of Events Mayfest 2022

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Well, you wouldn’t be in the South if you didn’t have a Derby Hat Parade! This parade starts at 2:00 pm at the main stage.

And did we mention the entertainment for Mayfest?! Strap on your dancing boots and be prepared to dance. This year’s musical lineup includes the School of Dance, Burnt Church Revival, The Country Project, Jason Laporte and Davey Masteller and Greezy Joe. May Fest 2022 won’t disappoint. Parking is free for this event.

Bluffton Rotary Annual Oyster Roast

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