Lily Store in Bluffton

(Update January 15th, 2023) We hate to say it…but Lily has closed its doors. Lily will be missed by many. 

Did you know you can find amazing “little luxuries” from France right in the middle of the Southern charm on the Promenade in Old Town? 

The shop called Lily is a lovely boutique filled with fascinating and unique treasures. Self-billed as “Purveyors of Life’s Little Luxuries,” Lily caters to those who seek to indulge in some of the finer, mostly French, things of life.

Inside Lily Store

Owner Kevin Borkowski curates the shop like a man on a mission, an ambassador of sorts. His “love for all things French” was inspired by a childhood trip to Paris with his mother where he marveled at beautiful objets de luxe

Today he combines that passion with a dash of history, and brings exquisite items and their stories to his discerning patrons. Kevin tops it all off with exceptional customer service.

Lily offers a variety of distinguished and unique products including home goods, antiques, soaps, fragrances, jewelry, and gifts. While most of the items cater more to women, Mr. Lily provides a line of exceptional products for men.

Shopping at Lily

Whether you enjoy fine French linens, luxurious hand cremes sourced from Provence, pearl drop and crystal earrings handmade in a Venetian artist’s studio, or crystal bowls handcrafted in France, Lily has something to delight you.

And Kevin knows the stories behind them all. One cologne, Eight & Bob, has a particularly interesting history that begins in the early 1900s with Albert Fouquet, perfume connoisseur and son of a Parisian aristocrat.

Old Town Bluffton Store

Albert, with the help of his butler Philippe, enjoyed creating fragrances in his family’s chateau. In 1934, he developed an exceptional scent from flowers found in Chile’s Andes Mountains. Although some asked him to sell the fragrance, he kept it for himself.

One summer evening in 1937, while vacationing on the French Riviera, Albert became friends with a young American named John F. Kennedy. John persuaded Albert to give him a sample of the captivating essence. Back in the States, JFK later wrote to Albert asking him to send “eight bottles, and if your production allows, another one for Bob.”

After Philippe found glass bottles worthy of this special essence, Albert labeled the bottles “Eight & Bob,” in reference to John’s request, and shipped them out. A few months later, Albert started to get requests from Hollywood elites, including Cary Grant and James Stewart, who were friends with John’s father.

Since then, Eight & Bob’s reputation as an exclusive cologne has set it apart in the most distinguished circles. And you can share in the history and the experience of it at Lily.

So if you love French things, enjoy connecting with history, or want to indulge a little, visit Kevin at Lily and maybe hear a story for yourself. You could even walk away smelling like a president or a movie star!

Address5 Promenade St, Bluffton, SC 29910

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