Events at Bluffton Oyster Factory Park

Bluffton Oyster Factory Park is an outstanding greenspace for family picnics, fishing, boating, and history buffs. Located along the May River, you’ll find fire pits and grills for your family outing and a boat ramp with a dock for fishing. Open from sunrise to sunset, Bluffton Oyster Factory Park is home to the Garvin-Garvey Freedman’s Cottage

Guided tours of the Garvin-Garvey Freedman’s Cottage located on the High Bluff in Oyster Factory Park are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am – 4 pm and on Fridays by appointment. Reservations are not required for guided tours on Tuesdays or Thursdays unless you have a group of 10 or more. Tours last approximately 30 minutes and are offered as visitors arrive unless previously scheduled.

Explore and discover all the great reasons the Bluffton Oyster Factory Park is a wonderful venue for building family memories.

Pictures of Bluffton Oyster Factory Park

Sign for Ramp and Dock at Oyster Park

Events in Bluffton at Oyster Park

Flower Garden by Parking Lot of Oyster Factory Park

Old Boat at Bluffton Factory Park

Famous Sign at Oyster Park

Garvin Garvey's Freedman Cottage Oyster Park

Entrance Sign Garvin Gavey's Freedman Cottage

Boat Trailer Parking Lot Oyster Factory Park

Oyster Factory Park Rules

Garvin Garvey Freedman's Cottage Tour Bluffton Bluffton Oyster Boat

Oyster Factory Park Rules

1. Park open sunrise to sunset unless events permits have been issued.
2. Boat ramp open 24 hours a day
3.No obstructing the use of the boat ramp area
4. No open fires without an events permit. No grilling underneath the pavilion.
5. No open alcoholic beverage container without an events permit.
6. Motorized vehicles and parking are allowed only in designated areas.
7. Vehicles, trailers, or boats stored for more than 24 hours are subject to removal.
8. Pets must be under control at all times. Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of in pet waste containers.
9. No weapons.
10. No solicitation.
11. The Town of Bluffton Police Department has jurisdiction over Oyster Factory Park.
In case of emergency call 911.

Reserving Oyster Factory Park for Private Parties

Oyster Factory Park is available for private and public events based on availability. Please contact Julie Taylor at 843-706-4583 for more information.

Applications, contracts, and payments can be mailed to:

Town of Bluffton
20 Bridge Street
PO Box 386
Bluffton, SC 29910
Office: 843-706-4583
Fax: 843-706-4518

Oyster Factory Park offers a boat ramp with access to the May River, an open-air pavilion, picnic tables, restrooms, fire/oyster roast pit, and view of the May River.

Bluffton Oyster Factory Park
Location: 63 Wharf St, Bluffton, SC 29910

Check out Bluffton Oysters Company, located at the end of the park by the May River.


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